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Parts Specials

The parts department at Huckabone’s Equipment is stocked with thousands of genuine Kubota parts. Find genuine Kubota parts to optimize your Kubota equipment at Huckabone’s Equipment.

Contact our parts department at Huckabone’s Equipment or visit us in Cobden to meet our knowledgeable parts staff to find the best parts and accessories for your Kubota equipment

Keep your Kubota running like a Kubota.

We always have great deals on Kubota parts in Cobden, Ontario. Check out Huckabone’s Kubota Parts Specials frequently for our seasonal parts updates and the latest information on how to keep your Kubota running like a Kubota.

Is it time to replace your battery?

Kubota Tractor batteries are designed to keep your equipment running at peak performance and are backed by a no-hassle warranty. Ask us for details.

Kubota Battery available at Huckabone's Equipment in Cobden, Ontario

When it’s time to replace your oil, choose Kubota.

Genuine Kubota oil is specifically designed for KUBOTA industrial engines to maximize the life of your engine by lubricating, cooling, and cleaning all at once.

Why choose Kubota oil?

  • Excellent heat resistance and stability
  • Outstanding cleansing and dispersion properties
  • Excellent abrasion resistance

Change your oil with Genuine Kubota oil today. Book an appointment or Ask us for details


White Lithium Grease

  • Excellent on all metal parts
  • Provides maximum lubrication protection for all types of weather and temperature
  • Will not wash off, freeze or melt
  • Protects against salt and rust

Chain Lube

  • High-performance lubricant blend for use on all exposed roller chains to provide lubrication and corrosion protection
  • Superior surface adhesion to resist water washout and mechanical displacement

Flexi-Film Corrosion Protection

  • Use to protect all types of metal surfaces from rust, corrosion and oxidation
  • The penetrating and coating action ensures moisture is displaced and further moisture intrusion prevented
  • Flex-Film will not dry up and flake off
  • Flex-Film will provide lubrication to sliding surfaces preventing binding and squeaking

Premium UDT Hydraulic/ Transmission Fluid

  • Kubota approved fluid incorporating the latest additive technologies
  • Premium quality for tractor transmission and hydraulic/ wet brakes
  • Provides high resistance to temperature breakdown, excellent seal compatibility, and anti-wear protection
  • Winter grade

Equipment Wash

Low Foam Glass Cleaner

Heavy Duty Citrus Industrial Parts Cleaner with D-Limonene

Spray and Shine

Touch Screen Cleaner

Complete Kubota Care Kit

Looking for some Kubota themed gift for a special occasion?

From collectibles to pedal tractors, Kubota Original Toys are perfect for the Kubota enthusiast of any age. Order yours today.

Kubota Accessories and Toys Catalogue